Growth Support

When trying to grow your business you can face a wide variety of challenges. We know because we’ve been there. Let us support you in achieving your vision.

Guide My Business Growth

Are you struggling to grow your business? Have you got lots of ideas you want to implement but no idea where to start or what will work?

Our advisors will provide you with the support you need to focus your thinking, market test your ideas and create a plan of action for implementation. We will help you work through business and personal challenges standing in the way of your potential. We will help to build the confidence, create the strategy and deliver the actions that are necessary to get closer to your business vision. 

For new mothers trying to grow their businesses, we can also work with you on time management, smarter working methods, goal setting and action planning. Going back to your business after having a baby can be a daunting experience. We can support you through this process to ensure that you are able to hit the ground running and continue to be the boss that you have always been.

Online Programs

Coming Soon:

How to Grow My Social Enterprise –  Launching November 2017

Build My Revenue

Want to significantly increase the revenue of your business?

We will carry out a comprehensive audit of the marketing and sales activity employed by your business for all of your existing revenue streams and identify additional revenue streams that could be exploited by your business. You will receive an easy to follow marketing and sales strategy document incorporating recommended activity for both existing and any additionally identified revenue streams. We will include an action plan with dates that activity should be completed to help keep you on track.

Build My Revenue – Social Enterprise

Achieving self-sustainability can be a very difficult task for a social enterprise. You are passionate about social/environmental change and therefore this is where you focus your time. However, if you are unable to achieve self-sustainability, it will be impossible for your business to continue to make a long-term impact. Grant funding is not a sustainable business model as it is not guaranteed. We will work with you to put together a comprehensive strategy for substantially increasing the non-funded revenue to your business. We will support you with the execution of the strategy as well as ensure you are able to still deliver the impact that you are passionate about.

Systemise my business

Do you want to ensure your business can scale and operate effectively without you doing everything?

We will work with you to fully systemise your business. We will help you to map out all of the processes and systems required to run every aspect of your business, and increase efficiencies where possible. We will then work with you to create an operations manual which can be used to significantly speed up the process of training new staff, maintain quality standards amongst existing & new staff and ensure the business can be managed effectively in your absence. Business systemisation will make your business much more attractive to potential buyers if you ever wanted to sell. It will also enable your business to become less reliant on you and more reliant on your processes.